Monday, September 21, 2015

Pope Francis comes to America

Why has the Pope come to the U.S? Is he wary of America? Is he also a political force? What does he want to let us know about what is important in life?

Click here to learn more.

 Enjoy Cuba, Pope Francis!

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Child with Downs syndrome joins the family

Click here to read about an inspiring American family that I am privileged to get to know in relating their story. The video within the story is amazing, too.

90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted. This is effectively the genocide of a population. Read the article the get the facts on these special people, who may one day disappear from society, as well as a big dose of inspiration.

Life is meant to be lived fully; enjoy what it brings to you, in the way in which it is brought.

Happy Friday. :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Queen Elizabeth is Britain's Longest-reigning Monarch

Tomorrow, Queen Elizabeth becomes Britain's longest-reigning monarch. I, for one, love the Queen.

Britain and I have a complicated relationship; I adore her, and she is not aware that I exist. How I long to walk (hopefully through a light mist) beneath the Tower of London; how I'd love to have tea or a pint where theologian and scholar C.S. Lewis met with his crowd, The Inklings. I'd love to ride a horse along a craggy shoreline (any craggy shoreline will do), and I'd love to tickle a palace guard to see if they can keep a stiff upper lip.

Click here to read about the Queen Mum's continuing majesty. I will be here, hoping I can soon go there.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mother Theresa, we miss you...

Happy Labor Day weekend! Hopefully anyone reading this is doing so because they are taking a break and relaxing a bit. Like many of my friends, I will be in various hockey rinks arund the Boston area.

I was on Laura Ingraham's radio show yesterday talking about the new "babywearing" rage, and also about an inspirational barber from Iowa who offers kids a free haircut if they will read to him. Good stuff, I hope - funny and inspiring. Even though there are a lot of bad/scary stories in the news, there's a lot of good stuff, too -- and that;s what LifeZette is interested in covering.

And lastly, a piece today about Mother Theresa. We often remember Princess Diana's passing, but we lost another important figure around that time - a humanitarian who is on her way to sainthood in the Catholic church.

Click here to read about this inspiring woman, whose legacy continues today.

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