Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Talent Alert!!! My son Fred and his band!!!!!

This is my son Fred's band, live at the Middle East!  This is an original that he wrote.  The band is fantastic (I know, biased, biased) and they put on an awesome show!  They have some of the best fans ever; they follow the band and are really supportive.  Fred is the singer; he is also a songwriter and plays electric and acoustic guitar.

Come on out to a show; it's always a treat to see his middle-aged fans (me and his dad) out past 11:30 pm.

Go Fred!  You guys are amazing!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Epic Rain Delay Theatre - Here's How You Handle Boredom

Speaking of being able to handle boredom...check this rain delay out!  Awesome!

Boredom in da House!!!

I haven't been able to concentrate on politics much this week because it is school vacation week...that special time when parents' lives grind to a halt in an intensive week-long quest to keep their offspring from muttering the words, "I'm bored."

Since when is boredom so bad?  It's really a valuable skill, being able to handle boredom as an adult.  Hey, a lot of life is boring: work is often boring, marriage can having boring times, and those little moments that magazines wwere created to combat are especially boring.  Kids today, with their in-car DVD's, their brick-breaker games and ipods, their hand-held so-and-so's and their cell phones - can't understand or handle boredom at all.  I am great at handling boredom because I was raised in the "go outside and play; I'll see you at dinner" era.  Thank you Lord for that.

My son wants a television in his bedroom, and he is onl 11.  Now, my older sons referred to their bedrooms as the "jail cells" because there was noting fun to do there.  Why would I put fun things there, when that is where they were sent to be punished?  My 11 year old has almost given up, almost; he sees it's futile.  (Not only can I handle boredom, but I'm pretty good at sticking to my guns, too.  :-)

Back to politics soon, unless I find it boring.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dog Poops on Field During Naturals Game

This is why I love dogs. And what "Mona," this beagle mix, leaves on the field reminds me of the Yankees.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Worldwide Devastation - Picture Al Queda with a Nuclear Warhead

Imagine, if you will... you are at work, and everyone suddenly gathers around the television in the conference room.  You grab your coffee and head in to join them, disturbed by the piercing warning sound coming from the television.  An anchor person comes on - the same anchor person who just yesterday was laughing about the weather - and in a tearful voice says, "We are about to be the victims of a nuclear attack, launched by ________.  We are launching a missile in a counterstrike, but the world is about to change forever. It is every man, woman and child for themselves.  God bless and keep you all...oh my God; it's really happening." 

The President is now taking on nuclear war, and I applaud him for this.  Too often his most ardent opponents are so blinded by this weird combination of distrust, fear, and often hate, that they cannot mention any single thing this man does right.  Make no mistake - I am not a fan, and I sincerely hope he is voted out come next Presidential election. I do, however, applaud his tackling nuclear arms and trying to get a substantive treaty on the table.  He has been criticized by conservative radio for the Adminisration's recent wording - in effect putting conditions on when we would - or more to the point, would NOT - strike back - and this is frightening to many.  They see him as too soft, too ready to apologize, too ready to back down first, in trust and a fatal naivete.  I agree.

But the President is putting a long-overdue spotlight on nuclear arms, in a summit here at home with 46 participating countries.  (Iran and North Korea - not there. Surprise! ) Although it is quite possible that nothing substantive will happen, this is meant to highlight the President's concern over loose nuclear material and the devastation to the world if it gets into the hands of terrorists.

Study the picture above for a moment.  Is anything that the President does to spotlight the dangers of , say, Al Queda, getting their hands on nuclar material, a waste of time?  I think not, and I support this summit, even if it is a baby step.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiger Returns to Golf

So, Tiger comes back and gets a warm reception from the crowd.  I have really divided feelings about that; on the one hand, the guy is a serial philanderer and jeopardized his whole family.  Is that my business?  No, but he kind of made it my business by being a public figure, and especially a public figure that openly touts family values.  On he other hand - wow, it was brave to come back.  I can only imagine how it felt walking to that first tee - in fact ONLY Tiger, with his amazing focus and mental "compartmentalizing" could have done that.  And then to have the best opening round of his Masters career... it must have felt like Heaven getting back on the course.

So - do I respect him?  No.  Do I respect what he's been able to do with a golf club and an open fareway or a putting green?  Yes.  And how do I feel about the women who are making money by selling the stories of their affairs with Tiger?  Well, it's a family blog so I won't say.  But two things do remain true: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if you have taken money for stripping or sex, it's probably a good bet that a family and their survival won't drag on your conscience too much.

Alert: a Supreme Court Justice is retiring, so this will be a good bellweather as to how liberal Obama will continue to be - will he pick someone very far left, or go for a moderate?  Judging by what he did with healthcare, I'd say far-left is a safe bet.  Also: I am reading John Adams, and it is very interesting when it is juxtaposed against our current government and Congress.  John Adams warned early and often about one individual having too much power.

Happy week-end!  We sold our house in 2 days, so things are looking bright!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter, Tattooed

Easter. Promises kept, scriptures fulfilled, and a faith truly begun, as it's young followers realized the truth - Jesus was, in fact, God's son.

There are many images of Easter, but here is mine for 2010.  I was in CVS with all the other moms, looking a the Easer baskets - the ones that are pre-made and shrink-wrapped (and always kind of sorry-looking) and also the rows of baskets, empty and waiting to be filled with colored straw, chocolate, and candy.

I am in the bittersweet phase of Easter baskets - no one believes in the big bunny anymore, but I can't give up the tradition.  So, as I stood in the aisle with the other moms, I noticed a young guy, about 19 or 20, staring at the bagged candy.  He was pale and thin, and covered with tattoos, but no parent alive could have been more intent on selecting the right candy to go in the small basket he held in one hand.  It was beautiful, this young father determined to make the right choice.  That, for me, was Easter.  Showing love any way we can, and to the best of our ability.  God bless him.

Happy Easter!

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