Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving ain't easy...

Moving is one of THE most stressful things in life, behind only death, divorce, and the new healthcare plan.  We are moving soon (if all the million seperate pieces of two deals continue to fit together just right), and my hands are raw from cleaning, my mind is weak and tired from making decisions, and my cholesterol is sky-rocketing from all the take-out we are eating - so that we don't mess the spotless kitchen up.

When you are moving, you need to make the house look as if no one actually resides there.  When you eat something, you must immediately wash your dish, or throw it away.  When you are undressing at night, you must not only toss your clothes in the hamper...they must also land there.  Halfway isn't good enough anymore.

You have to always worry about curb appeal, so no junk left on the porch anymore; I have seriously flipped out over a forgotten water bottle innocently left on our porch.  "Someone might see this!" I shrieked, to a bunch of surprised eleven year olds who were playing basketball (and dirtying up the street with their scuffmarks, no doubt).  My husband heard a half-hour lecture on the woes of my world when he lost his mind and put his briefcase by the door instead of jamming it in a closet the way I showed him to do.

And, the less tangible things  Soon, the walls will be bare, the windows without drapes, and just hooks and nails will remain; along with all the memories you have made here.

Change is good; right?  Right?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Nancy Pelosi is being fawned over by mainstream media - I am thinking specifically of Diane Sawyer interview.  Is this how low we've sunk in our search for inspiring Americans?  The "walk through the peasants" by Pelosi was a bit much on bill passage day; it's big, and a game-changer for sure, but civil rights it ain't.

How has this happened?  President Obama was prepared to drop healthcare after the Scott Brown victory, until Pelosi urged him on.  A bill no one has read fully, rammed through for people who don't want it, spear-headed by a woman whose approval rating is now just slightly higher than unemployment.

Come on sweet November - the people will have their say.  I hope people never skip a trip to the polls again - this is what we get when we stay home; a country we don't recognize.  As VP Joe Biden would say to Americans:  "It's F---in' nuts!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back with a Healthcare Grudge


After launching my fledgling blog, I took som time off following the death of my beloved grandmother.  I spoke at her memorial, laughed and cried with family and friends, and reflected about this whole crazy life, as a death makes you do.  And I didn't want to communicate, but instead felt like it was a time to pull back.  Sometimes a good blogger works not on quantity of posts, I believe, but quality of posts, and makes sure that they do indeed have something relevant or interesting to say.

That said...what the heck s going on with healthcare?  This country will never truly be the same if this bill is rammed through.  Why is the President willing to be just a one-term President in order to see this through?  What is in this bill?

Justifying healthcare by saying that the "Cornhusker Kickback" and other shady deals ae no longer in the bill shows you just want a bad/dangerous bill this is.  The insurance industry may never come back if this happens.  And how many people does this industry employ?

Call, call, call your representatives, or drop an email.  At this point I think that all of them are crazy - at least the ones who support this bill.  Dennis Kuchinich - what are you doing?  The President used the office (as many have done) to bamboozle you and your wife, who is now going to try to make the world vegan in a pwer-teaming with Michelle Obama.  Lordy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rahm May Know Best

Interesting reports about friction between Rahm Emanuel and the Prez - apparently, Rahm is growing frustrated with Obama's resistance to move more to the right (at least a little) on certain issues, and also his insistence on the healthcare passage here in the infancy (is it toddlerhood, yet?) of his first term.

This has gained enough traction n some major press outlets (Washington Post, for example) that it is starting to be a distraction for the White House.  I have to give Emanuel kudos for trying to get through to the Prez - he sees the disaster in the making if Obama does not right his ship and listen to the will of the people and focus on jobs.  Also a tireless worker, he apparently has the gifts of foresight and is looking out for the President, altough the President probably doesn't see it as such.

You have to keep the peace at home, even - and especially - if home is the White House.  Listen to Rahm, Mr. President - or are you that far gone inside the hubris-filled healthcare bubble that you have created?  I hope not.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idol Back, Healthcare Still an Issue

Ahhh, it's like a comfy bed - watching American Idol! I've missed every episode so far.  Hmmm, is Ellen a good judge?  I liked the idea of adding her, and a wondering what Simon thinks; I have read that they don't get along. Oh, what's that?  This is a politics blog?  Oh, okay...

Well, a little politics, then.  The President is going to offer a scaled back version (how many drafts is this, now?) of his health plan, and is supposedly going to add some Republican ideas.  I am still wondering, at the root of it all - why?  Why is he still pressing forward with any type of plan?  He really doesn't care if he is a one-term president, so it seems to be either 1) an obsession, or 2) such pride that it (the pride) is unmanageable now.  If he would just pass one thing - make sure people are covered regardless of existing illness - he would steal our hearts.  Really, he would.  That would be huge.

Also, he needs to give up the ciggys and the desserts so he can stay healthy and learn how to lead us.

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