Saturday, May 24, 2014

Babe Ruth Over...Sigh.

On a lighter note, we began celebrating the Memorial Day week-end with 15 year old son James graduated from Babe Ruth today by participating in a Home Run Derby. His dad is a coach, and I worked the crowd selling raffle tickets (I talked more than I sold.) The sun was out, the hot dogs were on the grill, and friends greeted each other after an impossible long winter.

My son James is second from left. Congrats you old-timers now graduating Babe Ruth...great job and thanks for the memories. Thanks also to the coaches for donating their time and energy to this terrific team!

U.S, Marine is Jailed in Mexico on Gun Charges

Today's column is about another case of imprisonment. This time it is an American Marine suffering from PTSD who is jailed in Mexico after mistakenly crossing border with three legally licensed guns and ammunition. It is a complicated case that includes weapons, mental illness, foreign law, a jail break, and a worried mother who just wants her ailing son back safe and sound from detention in Mexico.

As we celebrate Memorial Day week-end, we need to immediately bring this young man home, and then sort out the factors that led to his arrest.

He sacrificed his mental health for his country...can't we get him back on American soil?

Here is the link to my column:

Thank you to each and every member of the armed forces for all that you do. We have no words that adequately express our gratitude, but we can support you in times of trouble, by offering adequate and timely medical care, and speaking up on your behalf when you need us. It's time for us to have your back, in more meaningful and concrete ways.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Christian Sentenced to Lashing and Death in the Sudan

My latest column is about a woman in Sudan who has been sentenced to be given 100 lashes and later killed for the "crime" of being a Christian. She has refused to renounce her faith. Inspiring and tragic at the same time... As long as there is life, there is hope. Please add your prayers to those around the world for her as she faces this trial alone...except for God, and the baby she is carrying. Also, in one of the comments under the article there is a link to sign a petition in support of this brave woman.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

I wanted to post my Mother' Day column, in honor of my mother (who is my best friend.) She has always been there for my sister and I, and although she could have been anything in the world, she chose to give her life to the people in her life. She is rewarded for her life-long love to all of us with a loving husband, adoring daughters, friends she has had for over fifty years, new friends who turn to her in good times and bad, and an extended family who loves her and needs her presence, sense of humor (THE best!) and wisdom.

Thank you Mom, for an example of a life well-lived. I treasure the years to come, too!

Love, Deirdre

P.S. The picture of the guy kissing my mom is NOT my dad; it is her friend Larry. It makes sense when you read it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hello Blog Readers,

I recently had the chance to take a trip to Palm Springs, California, and all I can say is...sign me up! (I was looking for a Palm Springs house to buy online at the airport.) The weather was balmy, the people calm (who wouldn't be?) the steaks cooked to perfection, the martinis, sublime. Of course, anywhere you are not working can be a vacation; if a waiter brought me a steak and heavy silverware on a tray in my family room I would then be ON VACATION, for however long it lasted.

It was the preparation involved with going to Palm Springs that had me stuck. Read on -- as always, at your own risk. And a special thanks to the humans or robots at Google News for opting to run my work...thank you! (Or, "bleep-bleep" if you are fully automated!)


Obama's Missed Legacy

A thought I find so troubling and just plain sad in the wake of the Dallas shootings and all the other racial unrest bubbling up in our na...