Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whew, That Was A Long Break!

Hello,'s good to be back after a lazy summer.  Had to crack my knuckles before I began typing; hands starting to atrophy from dis-use.  (Is that a word??)

Okay, so first the political stuff.  I am actually starting to feel bad for Obama.  Why did no one close to him advise him about just how hard this job was going to be?  He clearly did not know.  He's a nice man with many, many talents - but this is not the job for him.  No one told him to start with the economy, which everyone needs, and not socialized medicine, which only a handful wanted?  The man is just ill-prepared, not evil.   He's young, and had the Democrats left him to season for a few terms, instead of putting all their hopes on him, who knows how good he could have been in the future.  What was so wrong with Hillary, for Heaven's sake?

Speaking of Hillary, she had a great idea today: the press should not go near the Quran-burning Gainesville fool on 9-11.  Before 24-hour media, this man would have been an idiot in front of a fire, with about 10 people watching, feeling guilty like they should.  Because of the media, he has a bully pulpit and is possibly threatening our troops with his insanity.  Hills has it all goin' on in the idea department, (although I didn't care for her rehearsal dinner dress, to be honest.)
We are America; it's our job to be better.

Talk to you soon!

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