Monday, September 29, 2014

High School Reunion 2014 - Say What? We are 50+?

(Me and my best bud Nicole, 9/20/14)

Last week-end I attended my 35th high school reunion. How is this possible, I wondered, zooming down the highway towards my hometown, and home. How have we all gotten this old?

Your fifties are funny, because there is a certain sense of unreality, at least for me. Sometimes I shake my head and say, wow! I'm over fifty! Inside, of course, you are you, and I don't know if the soul or heart or whatever it is that makes you unique really has an age.

I had a wonderful, terrific time, and I laughed with old friends until the wee hours. I realized, in those precious days revisiting my youth, that age is both about trying, and acceptance. You must accept that yes, your body is aging, and so is your mind. (Where are those damned car keys?) But equally, imperatively important is that you must keep trying - every day. You must learn another thing, feel another thing, do new things. In many ways my fifties have been my most active decade - now that the kids are older, I can ride my horse, kayak, hike - whatever is fun in the moment, that day. The wisdom of my age tells me how far I can go with any activity I choose, but my eternal heart or soul - that which does not age - keeps me reaching out like a kid. I hope future decades do not change this.

Here's a column on my reunion, if you'd like to take a look:

Happy end-of-September!

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