Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poor Baltimore

The television coverage of the Baltimore protests had me mesmerized - I grew up in Columbia, right up the road. I didn't really go to Baltimore growing up, except for special nights out (birthdays, anniversary celebrations) so it remained mysterious until I myself was a grown up.

Then, the Inner Harbor was revitalized. I had my own children, and on visits from Boston to Columbia we would travel into the city to go to the aquarium, a play, or to stroll by the water on a beautiful evening while enjoying an ice cream.

There is another side to Baltimore, as there is another side to all cities. A side filled with crime, poverty, gunfire, death,

It was this side we saw on television. But within the emergent situation we saw clergy, good parents, concerned citizens, children. No matter what part of the city you live in, you will find citizens hoping to make a difference.

Here is my column for the LA Post Examiner about the riots, presented as a letter to the protesters.

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