Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Monday - talking about too much homework on Laura Ingraham today...

Hi all, and happy Monday!

If you have the chance, at 11:30 EST this morning I'll be talking with Laura Ingraham about my article "Homework Hell" for her site, LifeZette.

Should be interesting - a new study shows that our kids are swamped with they don't have enough to do, just trying to be the best at everything!

I remember my best friend Nicole bringing me a Reader's Digest article years ago called "The Joys of Being Average." Can't we flip things around so that kids are average in sports (meaning, it's ok if they are - of course gifted athletes should zoom to the top of their sport) and excel at school - without hours of homework but instead solid teaching in the classroom?

Food for thought...

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