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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunset Beach Cape May Point, New Jersey

Perhaps the best into the person to tell you about the wonders of the Jersey shore is not a New Jersey resident but instead someone who travels miles to get to the shores of Jersey.  Yep, that's me; every year I cram all my beach gear, my husband, kids, and myself into the car to drive to the best place on earth: Cape May Point, NJ.  I'm not making the drive this year because I'm afraid of catching "HPT" - High Property Taxes - in the way one might catch the flu. I used to tell the kids that the protrusion in the water was a magical rock, but now that they're older and two of them are 21 or over, I say it's a bar.  They haven't swum over yet, so I am assured that there are no alcohol problems with these young men.  Thanks, Jersey...for the best place in the world in the summertime.  Bar none.