Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missing Boy

Ask any parent - the horror over all horrors is a missing child. Imagine not knowing where - and how - your child is, day after day, wich stretches into month after month?

When I was growing up in Maryland, there was the story of two missing siblings, abducted from a mall and never found. Now, I am following the case of the little boy from Oregon, whose father, looking tirelessly for his son and cooperating fully with investigators, just separated from his step-mother, and has taken his eigtheen-month old sibling with him. Sad. Where are you, little boy?

It serves as a harsh reminder that when I am at the amusement park, at a mall, anywhere with my youngest son (the older two are grown) you can never be too watchful. Restrooms ar potentially unsafe, and so is that stranger pulling over to ask for directions.

Please God, let this family know, finally, what has happened to this little boy and if possible, bring him home.


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