Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All Geared Up for 2011

So, these are my dogs, Copper (bigger hound) and Neeley (scrappy rat terrier.)  My house is like a Disney movie wth these two characters running around all day.  I happened to walk into our family room in time to see them 1) miraculously not looking at me, 2) miraculously calm, and 3) miraculously not on my couch, but where they should be, on their bed.

They are the original Odd Couple.  Copper is laid-back and pretty easy to please, where Neeley seems to be doing drugs all the time - and not very good ones.  The only time they are at the same emotional pitch is when I put my sneakers on; they become unglued because this might mean we are taking a walk.  Of course, it might not, and they cannot handle the not knowing.  They jump around and try to make eye contact wth me, (they know I avoid looking right at them if I am not taking them) and they also make this weird noise - between a bark and a whine - which ends up sounding like a word, sometimes.  I texted my middle son Matt the other day with the message: "Copper just said a word."  Matt, unphased, texted back, "What did he say?"  I responded, "He said "Now."  He did! LOL")

Anyhoo - I heard it here first.  I believe they can talk.  Now if only they could behave - and stop trying to look into my eyes!  It's not normal!

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