Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year...3 Items of Interest

Happy New Year, Everybody!!  Hope it is an absolutely terrific, mind-blowing year for each and every one of you!

A couple of things:  First in 2011: a totally embarrassing thing on my part, but I have been bothered by it, and it is in the "Reality TV" category : apparently the star of "The Bachelor" this season was also the star of the same show three years ago, where he committed the unpardonable outrage of Not Proposing to Anyone at the end of the show.  Back then, he left two women at the alter (or, the fake podium, to be honest about it.) He was not ready to marry, and did not truly fall in love.  He has been slapped in the face and maligned on the internet, and seems to spend all his time apologising. Was he actually supposed to marry someone because he was on TV??  It's just bothering me.  I am vowing to cut down on my reality tv watching and read more; it's one of my New Year's Resolutions, or Rez's ( I have so many I just call them rez's now; it cuts down on 3 syllables at least 8 times a day.) 

** I have a new theory that America eats so much and watches so much mindless tv because we are in a constant state of exhaustion from all that technology allows us to do now. ** More on that later.

Second in 2011:  have you heard about birds falling from the sky, and millons of fish dying?  It's happening.  Google it.

Thirdly, in 2011: the first viral video of the year is the homeless man with the announcer's voice who has been discovered on a highway and given a second chance at so many things.  May we say a collective prayer that we do not kill his new chances with our attention, our investigatons into his past, and our tendancy to "pedastal" people.  Just let the man talk; it's clearly what he was born to do.

More later...again, here is to an amazing year for you to enjoy, learn from, grow in, and remember.

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