Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama and McChrystal

Whew, it's been a long tme since I've blogged! We have moved into a new home, and settling in takes all my energy.

Some thoughts about the Prez's decision on the loose-lipped General and his firing: I think he did the right thing, and I loved the statement post-meeting yesterday. However, the reasons I agree with it are less than encouraging; Obama has so much that is going poorly right now, if he doesn't show some leadership, he could be doomed. This, with McChyrstal, was his chance, and he pulled the trigger. He has the oil spill, doctors dropping out of Medicare, the economy, and world-wide tensions on his plate, and nothing seems to be going right. His speeches are more and more hollow, and that is his strongest skill - soaring rhetoric.

So, he did the right thing. Now, on to un-packing another box.

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