Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The pictures of the wildlife being killed, harmed, or forever changed due to the oil slick are making most of us just heartsick.  The reaction of most people to not only the wildlife but the people of the gulf coast, and what they have been through, is spontaneous, immediate, and sincere.

Why has the President, as a man and a human being, not had that reaction?  Why does it take polls and public outrage to get him to care?  This troubles me almost more than anything else about him - just as many were troubled by Bush not going directly to aftermath of Katrina.  Obama, however, has the advantage of learning from his predecessor's mistakes, and still it takes pressure and polls to get him out there.  I'm sure he thinks back to the healthcare debates as the good ol' days.

Mr. President, get a hotel room at the gulf and stay awhile.  Pull an over-nighter.  And change the pressed white shirt for a workshirt, for Pete's sake.

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