Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paolo Nutini - last request

Okay...I am posting this because I was cruising around the furniture section of HomeGoods (my spiritual "happy place") when this song came over the loudspeakers. I literally sat down in a (very comfortable, reasonably priced) chair, closed my eyes, and put my head back to soak it up. I eventually opened my eyes, to see many other mom/wives, sitting all around me in a little soul circle, carts askew in the aisle, doing the same thing. Well...not really, but doesn't it sound good? Very "Message in a Bottle/The Police." Anyhow, take a few minutes to enjoy this - I am definitely going to sing this at karoake.

Obama's Missed Legacy

A thought I find so troubling and just plain sad in the wake of the Dallas shootings and all the other racial unrest bubbling up in our na...