Sunday, November 6, 2011

Assist at Lake Placid Tourney

We just spent the week-end with our son James' hockey team in Lake Placid, New York, home of the 1980 Olympics, and scene of the Americans beating USSR in Olympics for the gold medal. Our team got to skate on the very same ice! This video shows James taking a shot and Nick getting rebound for goal, netting James an assist.  We also saw the original Olympic ski jumps (so high; much higher than they look on TV) and bobsled course (my son James and teammates went down it on an actual bobsled!)

Lake Placid is a pretty cool place to go if you want to revive your pride in America, relive the Olympics while walking through a real Olympic village, or just ride a bobsled or two. Our boys played four games and had a lot of fun bonding as a team, and so did the parents... it WAS nice, however, to get back to real coffee; no Dunkin' Donuts on Main Street near our hotel!! Is that even legal in America? I recommend the Marriott where our team stayed; very nice. The hill from the ice rink to the hotel almost killed us all, though - people who have been there, you know what I mean. :-)

The ride up was incredibly beautiful this time of year, even though it is past peak foliage time; who knew Vermont and upstate New York so close! I kept telling my husband that there was NO WAY Vermont and New York are connected. He distracted me by pointing out cows and getting me to play the license plate game.

Great job Coach Doherty, Coaches Miele and Margossian, and all PeeWee 1 players!!!

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