Friday, November 11, 2011

Happiness is in Your Own Backyard

The picture to the left is my home's side yard, and two white rockers that we put out in the summer.  Doing the dishes a few minutes ago after work, I was looking out the window and was struck by how beautiful they looked in front of the foliage, with sun falling on them, so I thought I'd post.

Today the radio went off, the TV went off, and my mind went off - I can't take anymore bad news, and I'm a newsy person.  Its time to soak in some real life, and put things in a positive gear.

What I like about these rocking chairs is that they are very scarred; they are peeling all over, and are now more wood-and-white than white, their original color.  We've had them for years.  I think about painting them every once in awhile, but for some reason I never do; it's like I would be paiting over all the conversations we have had sitting in them - our sons, too, and friends, and us.  If they could talk...I would take an axe to them!!  But I thought they looked beautiful there in the yard, summer gone, fallen leaves surrounding them.

This picture is of our 3-season porch that I had to walk through to get the pic of the rockers - again, struck by the sun slanting in on our couch; peaceful and comforting.  The porch is big and unfinished, and so comfortable; we live in this room 3 seasons a year, due to it's size, and I change it to reflect each season. I don't post pics of my own home normally, but was thinking that we all can stumble on these times in our homes (whether it's an apartment, a mansion, or a mobile home) where we are struck by the feeling of  home, and whatever that means to us.

So, today I'll concentrate on the gifts that are free and good - sun slanting on chairs, a comfortable porch I'm lucky to have, our veterans that today we remember, the love of family and friends.  The news can wait; it's always there, and can bring you down and chip away at your spirit.  Soaring - whether quietly, with a book, or loudly, with some happy activity that leaves you winded and speechless - is an act, not a mistake.  Find the environment where you can make your thoughts, mind and life soar.

Happy Veteran's Day and have a wonderful week-end!


  1. very well said and oh so timely I'm guessing for many, thanks for the thought

  2. I'm going to Tweet this link today!


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