Monday, April 14, 2014

BOSTON STRONG is for everyone, no matter where you live...

Hello dear readers,

Here in the Boston area, we are getting ready for the Marathon. You will see national coverage for the next week about what happened at the Marathon a year ago, and in a way, I'm glad -- we should never forget, just like with 9/11. Never forget. Never be too busy, too harried, or God forbid, too immune to feel it again. When we keep feeling it, we're winning. The trick is not to feel what terror wants us to feel, and what we felt on those terrible days: anxiety, depression, fear -- but instead to feel grateful for every minute, appreciative of those whom we love, and more prepared than ever, should something horrific be tried again. And we honor those who were lost by always remembering.

BOSTON STRONG. Read more here:

P.S. I am happy to share that Google News picked up this column, so that more people can read about the Boston Strong attitude; the LA Post Examiner will be contributing content to Google News as of 3/2014.

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