Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hello Blog Readers,

I recently had the chance to take a trip to Palm Springs, California, and all I can say is...sign me up! (I was looking for a Palm Springs house to buy online at the airport.) The weather was balmy, the people calm (who wouldn't be?) the steaks cooked to perfection, the martinis, sublime. Of course, anywhere you are not working can be a vacation; if a waiter brought me a steak and heavy silverware on a tray in my family room I would then be ON VACATION, for however long it lasted.

It was the preparation involved with going to Palm Springs that had me stuck. Read on -- as always, at your own risk. And a special thanks to the humans or robots at Google News for opting to run my work...thank you! (Or, "bleep-bleep" if you are fully automated!)


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