Monday, December 12, 2011

$10,000 Bet? C'Mon, Mitt!

Well, instead of being out at a party or out shopping and mingling among carolers and revelers, Saturday night found me happily stretched out in front of the fire, anxiously awaiting the latest Republican debate, on ABC. 

The race for the Presidency is my Superbowl, as I often remind my husband Fred, in an attempt to show him the importance of these debates - and happiness they bring to me - as we near the first primary.  He just shakes his head and throws another log on the fire for me, and freshens up my hot chocolate.

Here is my question: why does Mitt Romney always look so uncomfortable?  I do believe that he will be the nominee, and I will volunteer for his campaign locally if/when he gets The Nod.  But why does he look so stiff and uncomfortable?  Is it because he is not a politician right now?  He was our Governor, and did not look uncomfortable at press conferences back in the day, speaking on any range of issues.  What is it about the campaign trail that makes him itchy/sweaty/unable to respond?

I cringed when he offered his hand to Rick Perry and asked to bet him $10,000.  Mitt...what he heck?  Do you know how much money that is to us regular folk?  If we had $10,000 to run around betting, we would probably stick with the President we have!  (Just kidding).

Advice to Mitt:  a) practice not smiling at the candidate who is speaking, but looking stern.  b) please write this on your hand: everyone is not wealthy!  Keep it real!  c) argue and go after other candidates; it's "Go Time" now.  No more fawning smile when Gingrich is speaking. We are beginning to picture each candidate arguing with China, or Iran, and we need to see focus and will, and a little something called gumption.

Mitt, please find your center.  And no more betting...except on yourself, as President of the United States of America.  And let that confidence shine through!

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