Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shadowlands and a Great Big Fire

Okay...photographed just now, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, waiting for a movie I've wanted to see to begin on TV...a movie called Shadowlands, based on the life of C.S. Lewis.  Just got back from the barn where my horse is, and I'm freezing!  The temperature started dropping while we were at the barn, and is now much more winter-like.  Fun, relaxing day, though, with the horse and two of my three sons.

Tonight is one of those nights that rarely happens...I just learned I will have several hours alone.  Completely alone.  It is so rare that I don't know what to do!  I am stunned; deer in the headlight time. 

I love movies, so that was my first choice; usually it is too late or we are too tired by the time we can sit down to watch one, and we end up watching  an episode of "Hawaii Five-O" (now there's a re-make!) or one of the CSI's.  Or I could clean our room with my free evening, which looks like a crime scene and was "wrapping central" before Christmas.  Or I could do some work...hey, did I say that? Ugh.  Dishes?  No way - besides, the hubs did them while I was up at barn. 

So, it's a movie, and it's just me, and I'm really content.  Just one do you work the fireplace flue, and how do you search for movies on FIOS?? I forget...

Celebrate the hours you can claim for yourself, and don't always clean or work them away.  These hours all strung together and these "tiny, inconsequential" choices about how to spend these rare hours make up the quality of your interior life.

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