Friday, December 2, 2011

Republican GOP Candidates Round-Up

Dear Readers: here is my candid, kind of hurried, and pretty uneducated assessment of the current field of GOP candidates, for your review:

1. Jon Huntsman - great hair, nice smile, good sport...not going to be President, but a good cabinet member who would foster across-the-aisle communication.

2. Ron Paul - this former medical doctor will not be the nominee either, but is an important voice on the campaign trail, and his supporters are fervent believers.  As a Libertarian he is focused on human rights and financial market reforms.  Reminds me of Frank Perdue, the chicken magnate.  I enjoy him in the debates.

Rick Santorum - will not get nomination either.  Seems nice, loves to bring up coal-mining background and family tree, sometimes to excess (like Bachmann).  The only practicing Catholic in the field who also has a good relationship with Protestants, he could bring in the religious money...but will not be our nominee.

Rick Perry - perfect for Texas, not so perfect for the Presidency.  He might be an interesting choice for an a country that already likes us.  He has done good things in Texas, and is firm on border control, which is a very important issue in race.  I believe he is honest, and has a nice self-depracating sense of humor.  Bad memory, though ("Vice President Bachmann, how many nuclear missiles do we have again?")

Michelle Bachmann - would actually make an excellent President, but I don't think she has (or will receive)the mainstream support to garner GOP nomination.  She loves this country, and is a fighter!  She would be an excellent VP nominee on any ticket, and would bring in the vocal and not-to-be-discounted Tea Party vote.  Accomplished, well-spoken woman who could be President someday.  I believe that she means what she says, and does not mince words, or back down.  She is my first choice.  The wardrobe could be a little more hip, Mish...

Herman Cain - Oh, Herman...

Newt Gingrich - Roaring back after a 13-year absence from politics, I predict a fight until the end for the nomination between Newt and Romney, with Romney pulling out a win by a hair (a hairsprayed, perfect hair).  Newt has personal baggage (leaving a wife with cancer??), and has a quality that is kind of snarky, almost - he can make someone look like the biggest idiot in the world; someone who is simply not worth his time.  This man is the smartest man up there.  He is probably brilliant, is very scholarly, and a pretty shrewd businessman. He would do a fine job as President, bringing us back to the Constitution, which he has studied for years.  He gets my vote when Bachmann is out.  The account at Tiffany never bothered me a bit; good for him (and his wife!!)

Mitt Romney - meet the GOP nominee.  He is a flip-flopper that feels entitled the the Top Job.  We will nominate him for our economy; we need jobs badly, and I believe that the country will believe that Mitt can deliver jobs (he once saved a whole Olympics!!) Romneycare will be a hurdle, indeed, but I feel that he will receive the nomination because he can beat Obama, and will appeal to the most number of folks across the land.  Republicans (including Yours Truly) will throw all their support behind him, and he hopefully will win the Presidency.  I still can't believe that Obama ever received the Democratic nomination, let alone the Presidency (Hillary would have been so much better!!!), so I believe that while the smart choice would be Newt, the actual choice will be Mitt.

There you have it.  I don't have a great track record with guessing, so Herman Cain will probably end up being the nominee, teehee.  Have a great week-end, and thanks to all who visit this blog!

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