Saturday, May 24, 2014

U.S, Marine is Jailed in Mexico on Gun Charges

Today's column is about another case of imprisonment. This time it is an American Marine suffering from PTSD who is jailed in Mexico after mistakenly crossing border with three legally licensed guns and ammunition. It is a complicated case that includes weapons, mental illness, foreign law, a jail break, and a worried mother who just wants her ailing son back safe and sound from detention in Mexico.

As we celebrate Memorial Day week-end, we need to immediately bring this young man home, and then sort out the factors that led to his arrest.

He sacrificed his mental health for his country...can't we get him back on American soil?

Here is the link to my column:

Thank you to each and every member of the armed forces for all that you do. We have no words that adequately express our gratitude, but we can support you in times of trouble, by offering adequate and timely medical care, and speaking up on your behalf when you need us. It's time for us to have your back, in more meaningful and concrete ways.

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