Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back with a Healthcare Grudge


After launching my fledgling blog, I took som time off following the death of my beloved grandmother.  I spoke at her memorial, laughed and cried with family and friends, and reflected about this whole crazy life, as a death makes you do.  And I didn't want to communicate, but instead felt like it was a time to pull back.  Sometimes a good blogger works not on quantity of posts, I believe, but quality of posts, and makes sure that they do indeed have something relevant or interesting to say.

That said...what the heck s going on with healthcare?  This country will never truly be the same if this bill is rammed through.  Why is the President willing to be just a one-term President in order to see this through?  What is in this bill?

Justifying healthcare by saying that the "Cornhusker Kickback" and other shady deals ae no longer in the bill shows you just want a bad/dangerous bill this is.  The insurance industry may never come back if this happens.  And how many people does this industry employ?

Call, call, call your representatives, or drop an email.  At this point I think that all of them are crazy - at least the ones who support this bill.  Dennis Kuchinich - what are you doing?  The President used the office (as many have done) to bamboozle you and your wife, who is now going to try to make the world vegan in a pwer-teaming with Michelle Obama.  Lordy.


  1. LOL I love your a Sergeant in Law Enforcement, you notice that I can be VERY conservative. However, in the case of health care right now......believe it or not....I think we are heading in the right direction. Corporations are too powerful to let us become a socialist system (thank god), but after the dust settles over the next few years, I will at least see some decent (and very much needed) regulation on insurance and pharmaceutical companies. It's the welfare stuff along with it, that we'll have to fight to remove.

    Nice blog, as I said :-)

  2. Keith... "Corporations are too powerful to let us become a socialist system (thank god)"
    You mean Corporations like General motors, Chrysler Corp. aren't powerful enough. Which big ones will keep socialism at bay?
    And then there's this!


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