Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rahm May Know Best

Interesting reports about friction between Rahm Emanuel and the Prez - apparently, Rahm is growing frustrated with Obama's resistance to move more to the right (at least a little) on certain issues, and also his insistence on the healthcare passage here in the infancy (is it toddlerhood, yet?) of his first term.

This has gained enough traction n some major press outlets (Washington Post, for example) that it is starting to be a distraction for the White House.  I have to give Emanuel kudos for trying to get through to the Prez - he sees the disaster in the making if Obama does not right his ship and listen to the will of the people and focus on jobs.  Also a tireless worker, he apparently has the gifts of foresight and is looking out for the President, altough the President probably doesn't see it as such.

You have to keep the peace at home, even - and especially - if home is the White House.  Listen to Rahm, Mr. President - or are you that far gone inside the hubris-filled healthcare bubble that you have created?  I hope not.

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