Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving ain't easy...

Moving is one of THE most stressful things in life, behind only death, divorce, and the new healthcare plan.  We are moving soon (if all the million seperate pieces of two deals continue to fit together just right), and my hands are raw from cleaning, my mind is weak and tired from making decisions, and my cholesterol is sky-rocketing from all the take-out we are eating - so that we don't mess the spotless kitchen up.

When you are moving, you need to make the house look as if no one actually resides there.  When you eat something, you must immediately wash your dish, or throw it away.  When you are undressing at night, you must not only toss your clothes in the hamper...they must also land there.  Halfway isn't good enough anymore.

You have to always worry about curb appeal, so no junk left on the porch anymore; I have seriously flipped out over a forgotten water bottle innocently left on our porch.  "Someone might see this!" I shrieked, to a bunch of surprised eleven year olds who were playing basketball (and dirtying up the street with their scuffmarks, no doubt).  My husband heard a half-hour lecture on the woes of my world when he lost his mind and put his briefcase by the door instead of jamming it in a closet the way I showed him to do.

And, the less tangible things  Soon, the walls will be bare, the windows without drapes, and just hooks and nails will remain; along with all the memories you have made here.

Change is good; right?  Right?


  1. Congratulations and Good luck in your new home ! MJ

  2. Just remember-After all the stress , you get to start fresh in your
    new home!! New memories will be made!


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