Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idol Back, Healthcare Still an Issue

Ahhh, it's like a comfy bed - watching American Idol! I've missed every episode so far.  Hmmm, is Ellen a good judge?  I liked the idea of adding her, and a wondering what Simon thinks; I have read that they don't get along. Oh, what's that?  This is a politics blog?  Oh, okay...

Well, a little politics, then.  The President is going to offer a scaled back version (how many drafts is this, now?) of his health plan, and is supposedly going to add some Republican ideas.  I am still wondering, at the root of it all - why?  Why is he still pressing forward with any type of plan?  He really doesn't care if he is a one-term president, so it seems to be either 1) an obsession, or 2) such pride that it (the pride) is unmanageable now.  If he would just pass one thing - make sure people are covered regardless of existing illness - he would steal our hearts.  Really, he would.  That would be huge.

Also, he needs to give up the ciggys and the desserts so he can stay healthy and learn how to lead us.

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