Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boredom in da House!!!

I haven't been able to concentrate on politics much this week because it is school vacation week...that special time when parents' lives grind to a halt in an intensive week-long quest to keep their offspring from muttering the words, "I'm bored."

Since when is boredom so bad?  It's really a valuable skill, being able to handle boredom as an adult.  Hey, a lot of life is boring: work is often boring, marriage can having boring times, and those little moments that magazines wwere created to combat are especially boring.  Kids today, with their in-car DVD's, their brick-breaker games and ipods, their hand-held so-and-so's and their cell phones - can't understand or handle boredom at all.  I am great at handling boredom because I was raised in the "go outside and play; I'll see you at dinner" era.  Thank you Lord for that.

My son wants a television in his bedroom, and he is onl 11.  Now, my older sons referred to their bedrooms as the "jail cells" because there was noting fun to do there.  Why would I put fun things there, when that is where they were sent to be punished?  My 11 year old has almost given up, almost; he sees it's futile.  (Not only can I handle boredom, but I'm pretty good at sticking to my guns, too.  :-)

Back to politics soon, unless I find it boring.


  1. My son is 15. We have begun the "Countdown to 18." SOme days, I want to count faster than others!

  2. I rooms shouldn't be too much fun to be in.....otherwise how do you punish...the stairs and corner don't cut it.

    But not sure about the "marriage being boring" part though..... :-)


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