Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter, Tattooed

Easter. Promises kept, scriptures fulfilled, and a faith truly begun, as it's young followers realized the truth - Jesus was, in fact, God's son.

There are many images of Easter, but here is mine for 2010.  I was in CVS with all the other moms, looking a the Easer baskets - the ones that are pre-made and shrink-wrapped (and always kind of sorry-looking) and also the rows of baskets, empty and waiting to be filled with colored straw, chocolate, and candy.

I am in the bittersweet phase of Easter baskets - no one believes in the big bunny anymore, but I can't give up the tradition.  So, as I stood in the aisle with the other moms, I noticed a young guy, about 19 or 20, staring at the bagged candy.  He was pale and thin, and covered with tattoos, but no parent alive could have been more intent on selecting the right candy to go in the small basket he held in one hand.  It was beautiful, this young father determined to make the right choice.  That, for me, was Easter.  Showing love any way we can, and to the best of our ability.  God bless him.

Happy Easter!


  1. My son is 15, and he does not believe in the Easter bunny any more. I agree with you that its hard to give up the old tradition, even though it has nothing to do with the true meaning of Easter. Earlier tonight he asked if his Mom and me we going to hide eggs, and if we were going to dye eggs. Go figure!

  2. Short and sweet, to the point, makes me think and feel the moment, thanks D


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