Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiger Returns to Golf

So, Tiger comes back and gets a warm reception from the crowd.  I have really divided feelings about that; on the one hand, the guy is a serial philanderer and jeopardized his whole family.  Is that my business?  No, but he kind of made it my business by being a public figure, and especially a public figure that openly touts family values.  On he other hand - wow, it was brave to come back.  I can only imagine how it felt walking to that first tee - in fact ONLY Tiger, with his amazing focus and mental "compartmentalizing" could have done that.  And then to have the best opening round of his Masters career... it must have felt like Heaven getting back on the course.

So - do I respect him?  No.  Do I respect what he's been able to do with a golf club and an open fareway or a putting green?  Yes.  And how do I feel about the women who are making money by selling the stories of their affairs with Tiger?  Well, it's a family blog so I won't say.  But two things do remain true: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if you have taken money for stripping or sex, it's probably a good bet that a family and their survival won't drag on your conscience too much.

Alert: a Supreme Court Justice is retiring, so this will be a good bellweather as to how liberal Obama will continue to be - will he pick someone very far left, or go for a moderate?  Judging by what he did with healthcare, I'd say far-left is a safe bet.  Also: I am reading John Adams, and it is very interesting when it is juxtaposed against our current government and Congress.  John Adams warned early and often about one individual having too much power.

Happy week-end!  We sold our house in 2 days, so things are looking bright!

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