Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Talent Alert!!! My son Fred and his band!!!!!

This is my son Fred's band, live at the Middle East!  This is an original that he wrote.  The band is fantastic (I know, biased, biased) and they put on an awesome show!  They have some of the best fans ever; they follow the band and are really supportive.  Fred is the singer; he is also a songwriter and plays electric and acoustic guitar.

Come on out to a show; it's always a treat to see his middle-aged fans (me and his dad) out past 11:30 pm.

Go Fred!  You guys are amazing!!!!


  1. please post Fred's show dates and venues

  2. They do sound awesome Dee. We both have musical children~ cj in mI. Check out this video of my son's composition.


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