Saturday, January 30, 2010

Contact for CBS...send a thank you email

Hi all,

Happy week-end! I have four loads of laundry waiting, and I suppose I should continue to take down Christmas (okay, and Thanksgiving, and maybe even Halloween) decorations, but first have to let you know that if you want to thank CBS for their recent Superbowl advertising decisions*, you can send an email to:

Chris Ender
Senior VP, Communications, CBS Television

People who are against these decisions will certainly be contacting him, so let's let him know that CBS has support for these recent decisions.

* CBS is airing a pro-life ad during the Superbowl featuring Tim Tebow, a college QB with a great story about his mom choosing against abortion when pregnant with him. CBS then turned down an ad request from a gay dating service, who wanted to run a Superbowl ad as well.

Let CBS know you appreciate them with a nice email!

Got to go; I see a wreath I forgot to take down. Maybe I'll just make some paper hearts and slap them on it, and it will be a "Valentine's wreath"!

1 comment:

  1. I thought CBS made the right decision.
    Hope you got to the big holiday clean up this weekend. Ours are still sitting in the garage waiting to be put away. That's life. Maybe if we all keep them up it will be less stress for X-mas 2010.


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