Friday, February 26, 2010

MMDB may be coming...

Okay, I may seriously trade categories and turn this into a marine mammals defense blog (I'll call it MMDB) ...what the heck is going on with this poor KILLER whale that killed his trainer? (See what I'm driving at with the bold type?)

Because this whale has been in captivity for 20+ years, humans have destroyed a lot of his natural instincts, so they may have to destroy him.

Sounds like there's a parallel in D.C.  The President is going to push this healthcare through (put us in a man-made tank) if the Republicans don't play ball (do un-natural tricks) and work on this nationalized healthcare (feed us fish that looks fresh but is in fact, old.)  Maybe we should all go live in the ocean; become mer-people.  And if whales eat us; then so be it.

P.S. on this: I do feel terrible that this trainer was killed, and in such a brutal fashion.  But I have the feeling that she, of all people, would be sad at the thought of this mammal's possible euthanasia.  I'm sure she was aware of the risks every day, and it was worth it because she loved these mammals.  We need to show our love differently - by letting them go.

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