Sunday, January 17, 2010

Challenge = Opportunity...I Hope


First post here on my blog, and I named it "Blend of the Day" because I don't quite know how to define it. I write both humor and politics, but don't write humorously about politics (and conversely, I don't write politically about humor); they're seperate.  I manage to blend them time-wise if not content-wise; I have been spending more and more time writing about politics, even though my comfort zone is humor.

So...I am socially conservative, but still pretty cool, I think.  It seems that the image that comes to mind of a conservative woman is someone in polyester and/or pearls - someone nice, but just a little out of touch.  (Poor thing.)  I believe in a dynamic and thoughtful conservatism where you think before you speak, and speak before you strike.  An open-minded, open-hearted conservatism where you can blend your values with your society and still have a sense of humor.

So, I used to write a column (like, earlier this week), but pulled it from the company that syndicates it because the company published it and then mysteriously removed it several hours later from all the internet newspaper sites where it all too briefly lived.  It was an opinion piece over the candidacy of Scott Brown for U.S. Senate here in Massachusetts in which I endorsed him personally - not on behalf of any paper or syndicate (as Opinion columnists do.)  Bias?  A suspicious mind might think so, but I think that it's more of a case of an over-abundance of caution when it comes to conservative viewpoint.  Okay, maybe it was bias.

So, trying to have some character here, with my laptop and my coffee and all the possibilities that stretch out before me.  Exciting!  And really lonely, too.

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  1. Deirdre,
    Great Courage and backbone. All though I live in Maryland I donated to Scott Brown's campaigne and was more exuberant about his election tahn any presidential election I have watched. I hope this ground swell continues and I look forward to following your blog. Keep up the good work.
    Ken Muller
    Horizons on the Bay
    Chesapeake Beach, MD


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