Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Senators Call for Terrorist to be Handed Over to Military

Two U.S. senators are urging the Justice Departent to transfer custody of the "Underpants Bomber" to the military court system immediately, removing him from our civilian courts where he is provided full protection under the law. This is the terrorist that tried to bring a Detroit-bound jetliner down (or up; he was going to blow it, himself, an everyone else to smithereens)and was apparently talking and giving information prior to being given his Miranda rights, at which time he did his best clam imitation and said no more of use to our intelligence officials.

Initially talking about the attack, his terrorism training, and the involvement of Al Queda in the failed attack, this terrorist realized that it was "his right" not to give anything away, and after being read his rights, said no more. He had just been given proper medical treatment for his wounds, and now, as you read this, has three squares a day in jail and a bed to sleep in. His victims, should he have been successful, would not have as much right now, as they would be...dead. How in the heck are we going to stay safe in this dangerous world treating those that would harm us in this way?

Senator Lieberman (Connecticut - Independent) and Senator Collins (Maine - Repubublican) have called on the administration, which, incidentally, now admits that we are at war, to act as if we are at war and transfer this enemy combatant to the military courts for his trial. There is enough eyewitness testimony to convict him, and the administration can certainly make this transfer freely and with just cause, and send the signal that this is what will happen to you should you try to harm one hair on an American citizen's head.

The Obama administration should set this in motion immediately, so that President Obama can report that he has done so at tomorrow evening's "State of the Union" address. At this address if he were to 1)acknowledge the Massachusetts victory of Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate race and what it has taught him (signalling that he is open to being taught), 2)report that terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmultallab is being transferred to military custody and 3) show a real outline for a plan to stimulate job growth, then we might all feel empowered enough to believe that real change can come about in this Adminstration. The rhetoric has go to go; we need jobs and security, and we need them now. We're looking to you, Mr. President!

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