Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi everyone,
Here is a picture of me speaking with John King from CNN as we share some press space at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston at Senator (U.S.!!) Scott Brown's victory party.  The mood was electric as the results came in, and victory was in the air; people laughing, chatting, hoping.
The Senator was gracious in his remarks and I lovd that he called Vicki Kennedy before anyone else.  Oh, and if it looks like Im talking into the wrong part of my cell phone; I am interviewing the interviewer.  Thanks, John!


  1. when I first saw this picture I thought you were interviewing Bill Clinton...of course he was smiling because a) your gorgeous and b) he tatooed that smile on when we elected him the first time and now he can't get it off.

    I thought Black Friday was a great day but Brown Tuesday turned out even better!

  2. Well, Deirdre, it turned out in your favor and your excellent piece may have contributed to the Brown victory. From the other side of the fence, let's just remember in the coming days that 40 million-plus Americans continue to go without health care, and now it looks like they're gonna have to wait even longer for it.

    John Shields

  3. Wow! That is a great photo. Did one of the professional photographers from a major news station take that! So when will you be posting the interview?


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