Saturday, January 23, 2010

When in Doubt, Campaign It Out

The President has problems.  Low approval numbers, an unfocused to-do list, and a ringing win by Republican Scott Brown here in Massachusetts.  Still he presses on with healthcare: he vowed to continue the fight, and asked the American people to "stay with him,"

The President has every right to hit the streets and try to pump up his agenda - and his image.  But if you really believe in something, do you just keep at it, pushing forward and working quietly, or do you...keep talking?  The President had his open-collared, jocular persona on display as he visited hard-hit Elyria, Ohio yesterday, and he was doing what  he does best: campaigning.  He is a born speaker.  Why the Democratic Party did not simmer down and groom Barack Obama - give him more time in the senate, and let him be a sort of spokesperson for every Democratic bill, plan, idea, etc., is beyond me.  We all jump too fast when we feel hope or feel that spark, and the President as a speaker  that can make you feel that and more  It's his gift.

I'm sure that the President is convinced to his core that every American needs healthcare.  And you have to admire the spirit with which he pursues this thing.  But he is our leader, and we have expressed that we have bigger things on our plate - we need jobs, we need to be able to get on a plane without worrying that we will have to dive on another passenger to put his pants out, and we need elected officials and leaders in Washington that we can trust. (Related note: Ben Bernanke is going to have a harder time than we thought getting confirmed for another term as Chairman of the Fed.  He may be too cozy with Wall Street.  Stay tuned.)

The President should listen to Massachusetts, and step away from sweeping reform on healthcare right now.  We could actively chip away at Healthcare - attack those "pre-existing conditions" that are the essence of unfair practices - while you keep us secure from terrorism, and fling - yes fling - yourself into getting Americans jobs

I'm going to go have some coffee.  I dont think that fling was the right word; it's too flimsy.  Have a great week-end!

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