Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Analysis - Being Late is What Makes It Special!

So everywhere you look, there is an analysis of the State of the Union address. How do I, your Average Joe correspondant, think he did?

Some things stood out for me - namely, criticizing the Supremes (Supreme Court justices, that is), bringing up healthcare at all except in a "what I've learned" context, and President Obama's tone - HE IS STILL CAMPaiGNING!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! WHAT THE HECK???

Okay, whew, that's over with. Let's talk respect, when we talk about the first item. In the same way that I was horrified (although not as horrified as Nancy Pelosi; her neck was on a spring for that one!) when Republican Joe Wilson yelled out "Liar!" during the President's last big speech in that great room, I was horrified that the President took the Supremes to task, with them right in front of him. I agreed with one Supreme, Justice Alito, who shook his head and looked disgusted; he clearly disagreed with the President, and I was wondering if that was in part because he was disrespecting them on the national stage. However, I do agree with the President on this one; I think that corporate and union money should stay out of elections. But to diss the Supremes - not cool.

Next, the President seemed defiant on healthcare, vowing to push forward on items even if they are unpopular. Massachusetts had the honor of speaking for the nation with a resounding referendum on healthcare when we voted Republican Scott Brown in. The President needs to hear his people - not now on healthcare, Or, slowly. Very slowly.

The last item on my correspondant's list: the President's soaring rhetoric is wearing thin, and not just with me. Look at the poll numbers. I am actually getting nervous that he cannot lead us; that he just doesn't have the stuff. That is a terrible thought. Hopefully, this talented young man will listen to "we, the People," take a humble pill, and call us in the morning with a changed agenda and a changed focus...or we are in BIG trouble.

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  1. I think he as well as all of DC heard loud and clear what the voters of Mass. had to say!! Hope his quick "change of focus" is sustainable and his actions match his words.


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