Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting the Bloggity Going... We Want You!

Getting a blog started, with reliable visitors who 1)bookmark your blog and 2)frequently comment, is a challenge. But after seeking out all different types of bloggers who cover many different types of things, it seems that the consensus is...once you get going, a blog just keeps going; the familiarity is established, and the blog has a life.

So, I promise to offer posts that have been carefully thought through, or links that I think will edify, enlighten, entertain, or amuse. I am going to keep the format and the blog itself simple, so that hopefully it will be a relaxing place to visit. What can you do, and what else could you get in return?

Here's the deal:
Leave five comments on five seperate posts of mine here at the Blend, wthin two weeks time. If you do (and you don't have to agee with me, either, in your comments!) I will send you a free autographed copy of my first book, Exhausted Rapunzel - Tales of Modern Castle Life, a collection of funny family essays on raising a family - perfect for a new baby gift, or any gift at all.

So, go to it! Bookmark the site, and start commenting!


1 comment:

  1. I accept your "5 post challange"! I find your writing both informative and humorous. Not easy to find anything good to read out there.....thanks for making it easy!!


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