Monday, March 28, 2011

Erin's 30-Day Yoga Challenge Continues...

Day 7

I had quite the epiphany today in class: I think the yoga teachers and studio owners of the world should band together to hire an international marketing rep to help them get the REAL message out about why we should all do yoga – it’s a multi-tasking opportunity not to be missed!

For example, I’ve started slathering on a very heavy moisturizer and lip balm each morning as I head out the door to the hot yoga studio. The temperature in the room is at least 95 degrees – comparable to a sauna in my opinion. So, I’m thinking that the heat will help my skin open up and completely absorb the moisturizer – a la mini facial while I’m stretching, breathing and enjoying some Erin time.

I also pick up some great parenting tips during class – another unexpected bonus! Today my teacher made quite the statement as she was trying to convince us that folding our chin onto our ankle was a good thing: “Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you.” I immediately thought of broccoli. And then I thought of my 12-year-old son who hasn’t had a vegetable since it was in a Gerber baby food jar.

I shared my yoga teacher’s theory with my son the minute I picked him up from school today and how I thought this translated nicely into his borderline psychotic dislike of vegetables. “Fine, I’ll try broccoli tonight,” he said. “But I have one question before I do – how many days left of this yoga challenge?”


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