Sunday, March 27, 2011

Erin's Yoga Challenge...Soooo Tired!

Day 6

I had very low expectations for myself as I entered the yoga studio early this morning, as I had not quite stuck to my anti-hangover drinking strategy last night. Instead of following my wine/water/wine/water plan, my pattern last night looked more like wine/wine/wine/water/water. As I lowered myself onto my yoga mat and quickly became overwhelmed by the 95 degree heat in the room, it was obvious to me that front-loading the evening with wine and then trying to play catch-up with water was not a successful yoga-preparation strategy.

Still, I was there at 8 a.m. -- which was more than I could say for my dinner party friends. I will be honest – I struggled the entire class on all fronts. I was tired, dehydrated and hungry. Instead of thinking about my breathing, I kept wondering how long the line was at Bagel World and whether there would be any Bagel Energy bars left. I thought about coffee and how I desperately needed a Venti Pike with skim milk – STAT. I thought about the busy day that lay ahead of me and whether I would be lucky enough to find time for a quick nap.

When I heard the teacher finally utter the word, “Namaste,” I bolted up from my mat, said a few quick goodbyes to my fellow yogis, and headed first to Starbucks and then to Bagel World. I was lucky enough to get the coffee but not the Bagel Energy bar – so I settled for a few bites of my daughter’s chocolate glazed donut and called it a day.


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