Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vroom! Vroom!

You know, people sure are quick to get cranky.  Ths week I was driving down to Cape Cod when my muffler blew on my car.  I'm not sure what a muffler does, first of all, but I KNOW it muffles sound, because when it's not on, or working, or whatever, it gets really loud. Like, help-my-ears-are-bleeding loud.

It is interesting how loud noise affects people - everyone on the highway was very, very mad at me, without ever meeting me, hearing my voice, or understanding the particulars of my extremely noisy situation.  People would pass by and give me a sneer, or the hairy eyeball, or even the finger.  Do they think a lady in a somewhat nice car, dressed up in a blazer and blouse and cute earrings wanted a car with a sound like a descending hovercraft? (One exception; teens and kids loved it.  They gave me the thumbs-up and other signs of respect.)

At first, I ignored everyone in the lanes to my left and right.  Then, after the first hour, I was cranky and lost and partially deaf anyway, so I started waving back at the annoyed drivers.  Then, I started making very obvious happy gestures, like this is great!  Rock on!

In a lesson in behavioral sciences, it is funny what people do when presented with confidence - even if confidence is totally unwarranted.  People looked shocked at my happiness, then confused, and then they just - looked away.  That's right; look away, road snobs.  I am loud and I like it.  (Not really; I was miserable and my ears were ringing.  But it's fun to play with people on a long, loud drive to the cape.)

In closing - hug a muffler today; even if it means going under your car to do it.  They are the most under-appreciated part of your vehicle.

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  1. No kidding!!! computers....are great and something you take for granted until they aren't working right. Better hug your laptop too!!


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