Tuesday, March 29, 2011

President Obama's Speech on Libya

I tried, I really did - I sat upright on the couch, fully attentive, ready to listen to President Obama's speech.  With a sinking heart, I realizied that I was not going to make heads or tails out of what he was saying - when the President speaks lately, it reminds me of trying to understand the logic of my boys when they were toddlers - "I buried my Tonka truck in my covers because I want cookies with my lunch, Mommy!"  I feel the same way with our President, each and every time he speaks.

We went into Libya because of atrocities aimed at the citizenry of Libya, but we are not going to complete the mission, and this is not a war?  Apparently, we have basically "stopped by," with no real goal other than ending atrocities (sounds great, good press bite) and NOT being in an actual war.  Ask the soldiers who are on both sides - I'd bet they would call it a war.

Mr. President, be honest with us - at last.  If I were on the President's advisory team, I would have 1) gotten him over to a safe city in Japan, to visit our ally in their time of need, 2) put the kibosh on the NCAA picks in public (it's just annoying), and 3) encourage this man to define the mission, and define why he went into Libya.  What about the Congo?  What about the rest of the Middle East?  Don't they fit the parameters of American intervention that he laid out?  If he is in Libya, and fears for the people of Libya, then take Ghaddafi out.

Oh, and on our economy?? A lot of us are drowning, sir, so when you have time...

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  1. The photo choice a good one. Reminds of one March Madness coach's comments, whichthe Prez probably heard as he kept up with the "journey to the final four": "it's not the name on {player's/personal/last name} on the back of the jersey that's most important; it's the name {school}on the front." As in front USA.


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