Thursday, March 24, 2011

Erin's 30-Day Yoga - Day 3

Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling very “yoga-y” this morning as I headed out the door to class. My husband and I had a “disagreement” early this morning and I needed to resolve my 5-year-old’s fashion crisis. Then, on my way to the studio, I found myself stuck behind a driver who was waiting for a formal written invitation to make his way onto Route 28 south. Not a good start to the day.

But then, as I entered the studio, I decided to clear my head, work on my breathing, and get what was coming to me: peace of mind and re-energized muscles.

I really paid attention to what the teacher had to say in class today – usually I’m just worried about losing my balance or fixing my pants. It’s amazing what life lessons can be gleaned in a 90-minute yoga class when you slow down and just listen:

Lesson No. 1: I Need To Quiet My Mind's “Observer”

My teacher explained today that everyone’s brain has an “Observer” – he’s a bastard, that observer. He clogs your brain with worry (Do my kids put too much pressure on themselves?) and garbage (I can’t forget to put the whites in the wash or no one will have clean underwear tomorrow!). Life will be easier if I simply learn to put the Observer in his place – the corner!

Lesson No. 2: When Things Are Crazy, Just Breathe

I tried Vinyasa yoga today for the first time – I liken it to speed dating. All the same moves and motives as regular yoga, just much faster! I questioned the teacher before class about whether she thought I could handle it. She simply replied, “If it gets crazy in there for you, just breathe.” Easier said than done, but certainly applicable to life outside the yoga studio -- I must keep this in mind!

Lesson No. 3: I'm Way More Flexible Than I Thought!

I can still do a backbend at age 41 ¾ -- yes, I’m still counting my age like my children. Much better than rounding up!


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