Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bureaucracy and Insanity

The plane crash today in Texas is a reminder of the isolation that fighting the machine can cause...but is that only part of the story?  How many pieces go into the fractured puzzle of one man's despair?

My grandfather was audited for years by the IRS.  They finally ended up owing him money, which always makes me smile.  Not a wealthy man ever, he endured this intrusion into his personal finaces and professional pay history with grace, and somehow compartmentalized this IRS mess so that he could get on with the business of living.  I never heard an IRS rant, or a rant of any kind; it was only after his death that I found out about it.  At his funeral, a speaker related that my grandfather once said, "I never succeeded at anything;" which caused gasps, as he was such a success where it matters - loving family, devoted friends, faith, and a passion in life.  Perhaps the IRS and it's hounding made him feel this way?

I just hope that no one tries to insert politics into this sad event; this man was disturbed and if it wasn't the IRS, it most probably would have been something else.  People are so isolated, which is ironic considering the ways we have to communicate with each other.  But a Twitter account or a Facebook post cannot feed the hungering and hurting soul.

More tomorrow.

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