Monday, February 8, 2010


I thought I knew what snow is; I mean, I live in Boston, and we have cold and snow.  But apparently we are mere novices at snow, because the real place to be when you're talking snow is Columbia, Md. 

I am still here visiting my family and helping out with my 90 year old Grandma, and I have been shovelling for hours a day - and I am sick of the color white.  I exercise an additional two hours a day just to be able to be in shape to shovel.  It's an enigma inside a riddle, dealing with 30 inches of snow.

So, I have to go to sleep now so I can be up bright and early to shovel again.  There's no time for political commentary; I wish there was, but again, all my energy must be saved to...well, you know.

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