Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Apology: Tiger Becomes a Pussycat - the play-by-play

Tiger is a Pussycat at the Podium as he apologises...

Well, he seems sorry.  He veered off-course a little talking about his foundations, but seems contrite enough.  Tears well in red-rimmed eyes, especially when he talks of wife Elin.  I do feel he's been coached in delivering this speech, but is that wrong?

He just said that he has never done performance-enhancing drugs, which is good.  Puzzling that he is so private, according to his words, when he flew women all over the world.  His mom looks distressed, angry, hurt.  Elin is not by his side, nor should she be.  He is a Buddhist, which brings to mind the Fox commentator saying that Tiger needed Christ.  I believe so, but believe Tiger has the right to his own faith, and I hope he does explore his faith more fully.  "Needs to regain balance, and become more centered..."

Sports dudes, we are so tired of this.  Please, enjoy your wealth, share it with others as you see fit, and every day wake up and say, "I am so flippin' lucky to have this gift, this talent."  Most of us are average Joes, and will never know what it feels like to fly through the air on our way to a slam dunk, watch a golf swing turn into magic on a Scottish course perched on the ocean, or hit a baseball into the twilight evening while an adoring crowd roars.  We live through you, so when you go down in flames, so do we, in a sense.

"With the money and the fame, I thought I was entitled." That says it all.

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  1. Tiger is getting what he deserves.


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