Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homeward Bound

Today I am making the drive from Boston to Columba, Md., where I grew up. I love the drive, which will give me time to think...I am in a stage in my life where I am literally never alone. My husband has a home office, I work at home, and I have a busy ten year old and another, older son who lives here, too.

I say the ride gives me time to think, but does it? I am going to return phone calls, listen to a whole book on tape for a book club I am in, and of course listen to talk radio. I am also taking my little dog Neeley, so he'll have to get out for a few minutes, etc.

Forget it; no time to think. But I will celebrate the fact that Scott Brown will be certified by Governor Patrick today as our U.S. Senator, and if all goes well he will be sworn in this afternoon by Vice President Joe Biden. So glad I volunteered on this campaign; I really feel like a part of the process. Next...Republican Governor for MA? Look at Charle Baker.

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  1. It does give us some hope... if the People's Republic of Massachusetts can send Scott Brown to replace Sen Kennedy, then there's hope anew. I haven't felt this good since Reagan replaced Carter.


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