Friday, February 19, 2010

Politicizing Tragedy - I Chose the Wrong Party

In an earlier post about the Texas plane crash into an IRS building, I warned that this event should not be politicized.  I was actually afraid that perhaps some conservatives might blame big government for this man's feelings of alienation.  But no - it is, in fact, the liberals that take a mis-guided whiff of a swing - saying that this man's alienation is similar to the feelings of the extreme members of the Tea Party Movement.  Huh????

Both a Washington Post editorial writer and a New York magazine blogger asserted this in different ways.

Umm-umm; too bad, and worthy of some professional reflection and self-reflection on the part of these writers.  Two people died, Americans were sadly reminded of 9/11...and it's equated to the Tea Party folk. 

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