Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Saturday Reading, etc.

I usually don't agree with Yahoo's political bias (because it's not my own :-), and have frequently thought of changing my mail and homepage because they lean left - unabashedly - with their homegrown analysis/commentary, and the commentary they choose to post from other sources.  But a pretty good article today from AP seems fair, and hits on the important point that the public is "numb" as the author puts it, and is tired of the political one-uppmanship between the parties.  Also, I love articles that us non-policy wonks can read without our brains hurting. 

I disagree with the author's tax cut assertion, however; tax credits are not tax cuts, so the claim by Romney re: Dems and taxes is valid.  But check it out; great article.

What's the deal with airplanes lately, in an unrelated brain sneeze from me, your faithful correspondent: Kevin Smith gets booted off a flight for being too fat, and Romney gets in a fight with one-row-forward dude on a flight?  You need to be in shape to fly; a lot is going on up there.  Keep your wits about you when flying the "friendly" skies!

Today I am doing homework for two courses I am taking, and cleaning out a closet.  Ahhh, suburbia.  I just watched a documentary on Shaun White travelling the globe snowboarding, and wanted to reach through the screen and say, "Don't slow down and don't ease up."  What a life!  I bet he doesn't have organized closets, though.  :-)


  1. Shaun White is great. You know me and jewelery and he had a great ring on last night! Keep on writing my friend!

  2. I like Shaun White too....nothing to do with the jewelery, though. Don't know a lot about snow boarding but could tell he was much better than anyone else in the field! Got to do his second run for "fun" having already won and nailed it! Nice!!


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